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PE Envelop Battery Separator in INDIA.



M-Arrow PE Battery Separators for starting, lightening and ignition (SLI) lead acid batteries. M-Arrow PE Battery Separators have proved their performance and quality since the day they were launched. M-Arrow Battery Separators are used in Automobiles, Truck, Bus, Tractor and Motor Cycle batteries manufactured by the best lead acid batteries companies.


MArrow PE Battery SeparatorAMK Plastic Pvt. Ltd. Is backed by a firm experience management of 24 years in the field of Battery Industry. Purely we started with PVC Battery Separator, which are backed by a vast community of users. This is the very reliable brand now a day for any battery manufacturers/assembler throughout Asia. As the time changes, consumers demand batteries which output similar performance to foreign batteries. To fulfill this demand at first step we introduce P.P. Battery Containers and then PE Battery Separator. Now there products carry a distinct brand entity in the eyes of OEM of battery manufacturers and assemblers.


Now the consumer demand does not stop only on look of the battery. They want similar reliability also. They want batteries with least maintenance. So we decided to establish a PE separator manufacturing plant. And in the Oct. 2001 a dream came true,  Producer successfully PE battery separator and at present the factory is overflowed with demand. We are trying hard to fulfill it with our all-sincere efforts with quality and quantity.  


This is real fact that every change comes with the change in demand by user in mass. Preferences are changing. Users want beauty with brain. They prefer non-maintenance characteristics and at AMK Plastics Pvt. Ltd. we are caring for these aspects. Our Marketing research team is always try hard to know the exact what is going on in userís mind and R&D team is ready to identify the implementation possibilities. We take them as challenge. As the mood and demand changes we are ready on the future in all respect. But one thing is stable in any circumstances; Quality, which is all time favorite.  


Our marketing policy is to give the perfect blend of the best quality, accurate dimensions and reasonable prices. Besides of all above stated facts we always care for delivery schedule. We know its importance.  

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